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We welcome key industry players to present new and groundbreaking presentations at the event.
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All papers must be non-commercial and focused on conference main topics. Use of tradenames must be avoided wherever possible
Recommended time for presentation 15-20 min.
Simultaneous English/Russian and Russian/English translation will be provided
Abstract Submission Deadline 18 Jan 2019
All papers will be included to the conference printed papers book
To be discussed
Main trends in the global coatings industry and their influence on the Ukraine

Ukraine's economy and market for coatings. Season 2018 and Forecasts for 2019

New and promising niche for Ukrainian producers. Evaluation of growth points and risks

Ukrainian coatings exports developments. Results. Strategies. Perspectives.

Providing the industry with raw materials. Dynamics and finding the most effective forms of cooperation

Standards. Technical Regulations. Certification. VOC. REACH. Biocides
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The text should not exceed 10 pages including illustrations, graphs, pictures, tables and references
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Report should match the conference topics and directions of the business program. The report should not be based only on the history of the company and / or the general list of products / services that company provides (except sponsor and advertising presentations)